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Cancer Awareness survey results (long description)

APP members were asked how cancer has touched their lives. Of those who responded:

  • 10.4 percent said they were survivors (11.2 percent were women, 9.6 percent were men).
  • 2.6 percent said they are still fighting (2.4 percent were women, 2.8 percent were men).
  • 61.9 percent said they have friends or family who are survivors (67.1 percent were women, 56.3 percent were men).
  • 33.7 percent said they know someone who is fighting cancer (37.4 percent were women, 29.8 percent were men).
  • 5.1 percent said they don't know anyone that has dealt with cancer (2.9 percent were women, 7.5 percent were men).
  • 62.5 percent said they have friends or family who have lost the battle (66.4 percent were women, 58.4 percent were men).