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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions. If your question does not appear in the list, please contact the CHRR at The Ohio State University for assistance.

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What is CHRR?

Who We Are: CHRR, formerly known as the Center for Human Resource Research, is a multidisciplinary research organization affiliated with the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University.

What We Do: We develop survey software, design survey instruments, oversee field work, and generate and disseminate fully documented data sets.

Who We Work With: Researchers in government, private research organizations, and universities around the world.

What is the American Population Panel?

The American Population Panel is a group of volunteer members who agree to participate in social science and health related studies. The studies are conducted by CHRR at The Ohio State University for research purposes. We collect basic demographic information from panel members in order to match them with studies' needs. The privacy of all panel members is protected.

Who can join the panel?

Any individual 18 years or older living in U.S. can be a member of CHRR's American Population Panel.

Why are surveys important?

Good information for research purposes depends on communicating with target demographics instead of guessing about their lives and experiences.

What will the surveys be about?

We have a variety of survey subjects.

What else do I have to do besides answer surveys?


How much time will it take to be on the panel?

The time-commitment varies with each survey.

How often will you contact me?

This will depend on the number of surveys we field and whether your demographic information matches the requirements for our surveys.

Can I stop being on the panel anytime?

Yes. Contact us for opt out assistance.

How much information will be gathered and kept?

We will keep all information provided from the initial panel survey in which you were asked to join and subsequent information you may provide as a participant in future surveys.

How long will you keep it?

It will be safely stored for 10 years.

Who can see my information?

Panel member information is viewed by CHRR only. This information is not shared or sold.

Am I still a member of this?

You may not have heard from us in a while if your demographic information hasn't been a match for one of our surveys, or you may have received an email notice from us and it went to your spam folder.

If your primary contact is email, please add: to your contact list. This will ensure that you receive APP emails in a timely fashion, including payment instructions for completed surveys.

How do I get compensated?

Each survey you are invited to participate in will outline that particular survey’s compensation. Surveys averaging less than 15 minutes are generally raffles for gift cards. Surveys averaging 15 minutes or longer will list a payment amount in the survey invitation. Currently, we pay approximately $40 for an hour long survey, but this depends on each researcher’s project budget. We encourage each researcher to pay a fair amount for panel members' time.

When will I receive my gift card?

Gift card redemption codes will be sent within five business days after completion of a survey.

Where did you send my gift card?

At the end of each survey, we asked for your preferred contact method for payment: email or text message. The payment notification would have been sent to the one you chose. If you cannot locate your payment notification, please contact us at: or text: 844-286-6400, so we can track the issue and make sure you get your payment.

How do I claim my gift card?

We will either send you a text message or an email with a redemption code for your gift card. We currently use Tango Card to give panel members more variety of gift cards to choose from.

Tango Card redemption instructions (also available as a video tutorial):

  1. Click the redemption link in the APP payment email or text message you received
  2. Choose an e-gift card or another reward from your list of options
  3. Select/Enter the value of the card you would like
  4. Select "Add to Cart". If you have a remaining balance and would like to choose another option, repeat Steps 2-4
  5. Once you have selected all the e-gift cards you would like, click the shopping card in the top right hand corner of your screen
  6. Enter your name, email address and check the box acknowledging the terms
  7. Click "Complete My Order" and your e-gift card(s) will arrive in your email inbox

If you have any issues redeeming your Tango Card for a retail gift card, or receiving the gift card, please contact Tango Customer Service: 1-877-55-TANGO (82646) between 7:30AM - 5PM (PST), Monday through Friday or by email at

My gift card has been redeemed by another account, what should I do?

We are sorry you are experiencing this issue.

Please contact us at:, so we can get the issue corrected for you.

I cannot find my gift card in my email.

Please check your email's spam or junk folder to see if the gift card notification went there by mistake.

Also, please add: to your contact list. This will ensure that you receive our APP emails in a timely fashion, including payment instructions for completed surveys.

Incorrect password or I cannot access my account.

If you are experiencing an incorrect password error, the issue may be that your account has not been activated. When you registered for the panel, you should have received a message with account activation instructions that contained a link to setup your account. This process will allow you to create a password for your account.

If you did not activate your account and need us to re-send the account activation notice, please email us at: or text: 844-286-6400 and we will re-send that information. If you have already setup your account and continue to experience password issues, please let us know and we can investigate the issue.

Please add: to your contact list. This will ensure that you receive APP emails in a timely fashion, including payment instructions for completed surveys.

My link to activate my account expired.

Please send us a request to: or text: 844-286-6400 and we will re-send the account activation instructions with a new link.

My survey link doesn’t work.

Please send a request to: or text: 844-286-6400 with the broken link and we will resolve the issue, so you can continue to contribute to the panel.

My survey link has expired.

Each survey runs for a set amount of time. If the link in the survey invite has expired, it is because the survey has closed and the project has ended. However, we will send new invitations when you are matched to future surveys.

I can’t get back into the survey or the survey session has timed out.

If you leave the survey unattended for more than 15 minutes, the session will time out. If you find the session has timed out, simply click on the link we sent you to start the survey. This will allow you back into the survey to pick up right where you left off.

If you continue to have an issue completing a survey that you have started, please contact us at: or text: 844-286-6400, so we can investigate the issue.

How do I get surveys?

Each research project has its own requirements. If your demographic information is a match to a project, you will receive a survey invitation to participate either by text message or email (depending on which you chose as your primary contact when you registered for the panel).

Do I have to refer a friend to be part of the panel?

No, you do not have to refer a friend to be part of the panel. However, if you would like to share our registration link ( with others, that would be great! The only requirements to join the panel are being 18 years or older and living in the United States.