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The American Population Panel was launched in June 2017 with the intent of matching willing participants to social science and health-related studies. To do so, we recruit individuals to join the panel who are ages 18 and older living in the U.S.

Dr. Elizabeth Cooksey, has been a professor of Sociology at The Ohio State University since 1991 and is the Director of CHRR. As principal investigator of the American Population Panel, she is the person who oversees the panel operation and is responsible for how panel members' information is accessed and used for research.

The information you provide in the registration process is how we match you to the needs of each survey. For example, if a researcher is studying diabetes in men ages 45 and older, a corresponding survey invite will be sent to panel members who fit both the gender and age requirements of the study. It is possible to be matched to one or more surveys at any given time, as well as go for a period of time without being asked to share your life experiences, views and opinions.

All panel member information is protected under strict data security protocols. We DO NOT share or sell any of your information which differentiates us from many marketing panels. Only a small number of panel staff have access to your personal information for administration purposes, such as preparing the survey invites and sending your payment after you complete a survey. That same personal information is never shared with the researchers — they only see the resulting data from completed surveys.

So you might be wondering: Why should I join?

As a panel member, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of surveys, contributing valuable insight that will help further research across many different fields. You play an integral role in shaping important health and social science policies, or contributing to a better understanding of the needs of your community and the society we live in when you share your life experiences, views and opinions with the researchers who bring their projects to the panel.

Also, you will receive payment for each survey completed. We are currently paying around $10 for approximately 15 minutes of your time or $40 for an hour long survey. The exact amount varies based on each researcher's budget, but we encourage them to pay you a fair amount for the time you share with us. There are also opportunities to win gift cards for shorter surveys that average less than 5 minutes to complete.

We do not use a point accrual system like a marketing panel. You will be paid the amount listed in the survey invite when you complete the survey. You may also opt out of any survey and wait for the next match, or opt out of the panel altogether if you should change your mind.

We'd like to thank current panel members and future participants for helping us in the advancement of science, and more importantly, the common good. We value your time and insights and look forward to a continued partnership.

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